FMCSA DOT NRCME Medical Examiner
Training Course Curriculum

The Ease of Our Online DOT NRCME Medical Examiner Training

NADME’s online DOT NRCME Medical Examiner Training Course conforms to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) training curriculum addressing regulations and guidelines for conducting CMV driver medical examinations. FMCSA regulations and guidelines are reviewed regularly, and the training is updated as required. This medical examiner DOT training course was last updated on 07/24/2023 and exceeds the 14 topics outlined in FMCSA’s current core curriculum specification. Now you can quickly earn your Department of Transportation medical certificate online.

The NADME DOT NRCME Certification Training Course is self-guided and 100% Online, fully accredited, and offers 18 AMA/PRA Category 1 CME’s with a 99% Pass Rate!

  • Provides the maximum flexibility and efficiency to take the course where and when you want. is NOW AVAILABLE on your iPad or favorite mobile device for on-the-go training!

  • Enables you to take the course at your own pace. Log in and out as your schedule permits! No travel or other related expenses necessary.

  • Documents your individual progress, including attendance and test scores.

  • Each paid registration comes with unlimited access to train and complete the NRCME DOT Training Course and offers an additional 1 year subscription to log back in to the course and review materials upon completing the course.

What Can Our NRCME DOT Medical Examiner Course Do for You?

  • New DOT NRCME regulations provide a new market opportunity for your practice.

  • Provides a comprehensive, practical explanation of the federal DOT driver medical examination regulatory requirements governing driver physical examinations.

  • Exceeds the requirements of the DOT NRCME for Initial and Recertification Training.

  • Improves the overall thoroughness and quality of the CMV NRCME driver physical examination, thereby helping to ensure driver health, reduce accidents, and save lives.

NRCME Course Curriculum Features

This module provides an introduction to the NADME Training Program and the requirements for completing the DOT certification process to become a certified medical examiner.

 This module provides an overview of the FMCSA, the role of the Medical Examiner, and other fundamental concepts.

 FMCSA vision guidelines and regulations.

 FMCSA hearing guidelines and regulations.

 FMCSA hypertension guidelines and regulations.

 FMCSA cardiovascular guidelines and regulations.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on respiratory conditions and treatments.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on rheumatic, arthritic, orthopedic, muscular, neuromuscular & vascular diseases.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on loss or impairment of limbs.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on epilepsy, seizures, loss of consciousness.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on diabetes mellitus treated with insulin & the qualification of drivers with non-insulin-treated diabetes.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on psychological disorders.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations on drug use and alcoholism.

 FMCSA guidelines and regulations for the medical examination report form, recordkeeping, and other FMCSA forms.

 This module provides a pre-test review to help you prepare for the NRCME Certification Exam.

Topics Include:

  • Certification Exam Basics-what you need to know
  • Certification Exam Content Outline
  • Exam Eligibility
  • What to expect on test day
  • Preparation Tips and Test-Taking Strategies