NADME is excited to announce our partnership with eHealth Engagement (EHE).

Offering an exclusive opportunity to provide eHealth FMCSA Medical Management for Patient and CMV Driver Physical Scheduling, Reporting and Management Platform for Medical Professionals.


The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager is the ultimate platform for managing your FMCSA regulated medical practice.

Providing the ultimate set of tools in an easy-to-use application developed by medical experts for FMCSA medical examiners, to give you and your medical team total control over your practice.

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From the minute you start adding a new examinee through to the moment a driver is receiving their DOT Medical Certification card, the eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager platform has your needs covered. The solution yields a comprehensive rich set of targeted features that deliver the exact information you need at your fingertips when you need it. We made sure this platform is perfected for maximum productivity!

Examination Highlights

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager provides compliant FMCSA Pre-Employment, Renewal, and Return to Duty medical examinations including comprehensive medical examination solutions designed to make your job easier.

The Diagnosis and Treatment Builder tool allows you and your staff to record and code detailed disease diagnosis and treatment strategies utilizing ICD10, CPT and RC coding coupled with treatment time period assignments.

Using the to eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager, you can easily produce any or all of the most current FMCSA defined reports fully populated with your examinees data whenever needed. Additionally, we have added a number of other custom reports that will help to make your work easier.

Each time you create a medical exam in the eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager, it will automatically pull in the latest health history information provided by your examinee from the Member patient portal.

The Treatment Planning & Rollup view allows you to view all of your medical examination reports in a rolled up summary form to ensure that everything is organized in regards to your examinee’s treatment.

The medical examination gives you the ability to properly record your medical driver certification determinations for both Federal and State. Using the upload signature feature, you can print and issue all FMCSA paperwork pre-signed.

Each time a new medical examination is created, you will have the option to map any previous examination results into the current examinations medical history to ensure a continuous preservation of the patient’s medical past.

The Activity Tracking module is used to schedule medical work requirements for patients, staff, and yourself.

eHealth Engagement, LLC (EHE) is officially registered as a third-party organization (TPO) with the DOT-FMCSA’s National Registry. As an authorized TPO, EHE can directly submit Certified Medical examination data directly to the National Registry on behalf of your medical practice. In practice all you need to do is select an exam to submit and click the “Submit to FMCSA” command and your exam will be queued to be sent at the end of the day.

When a new examinee needs to be added, the eHealth Medical Manager guides you in searching the eHealth Medical network to see if the patient already has a user account. If they do have an account, then you can simply send them an invite to join your practice. If not, you can create an account for them. Once created, eHealth will automatically issue credentials.

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager offers a comprehensive appointment management tool that will allow your team to collect a comprehensive set of appointment information that will then be available as needed throughout the examination process.

Getting around the eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager is a breeze with quick search always located at the top of the application toolbar. Using Quick Search, you can fully search on any part of the patients first and last name and “instantly” see the matching results “as you type”.

Your designated team members will have access to easily define Encounter Templates that will then be available to all team members to apply against appointments to ensure the correct work is performed and billed.

Once you have an examinee to work with, then you will have the ability to record patient insurance and enrollment, view and access their appointments, view and manage all of their related documents, and most importantly, create and edit medical examinations.

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager for Members patient portal provides your medical patients with access to their Medical Appointments, Online Test Results, Online Patient History Intake, Medical Provider Network Access, and Optional Consent Signage.

Examinee Highlights

Administration Highlights

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager is a fully integrated application of the Engage Medical Network. This means that if a patient is already a member of the network you can use the invite system to invite a patient to join your practice. Once an invite is accepted, you can schedule appointments and manage patients easily.

Each time you login you will see your dashboard displayed. The dashboard will give you a quick real-time snapshot of your medical practice at the current point in time. Information includes patient count, exams by type, open tasks, scheduled appointments, exams by month and more.

You and your team will always have access to adjust the key parameters controlling your account. Here you can define all of your critical Medical information such as your national Registry number and your licensing information and credentials etc. Additionally, you can upload a signature jpg file that will be displayed on all of the examining physician signature lines of your reports “No more signing”.

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager provides you with the ability to configure and manage your physician treatment locations and if desired, your examinee work locations to ensure accurate medical treatment reporting and oversight.

You will have the ability to create and control your teams medical associate accounts so that they can login using their own credentials as a medical associate and then manage your practice. Additionally, once a team member has their own “medical associate” account, then they can be linked to other physicians. Once linked, a team member can switch between each of their physician practices to work in support of their doctors as needed.

The eHealth FMCSA Medial Manager has been designed to offer enhanced reporting features so that your team of medical professionals will have a productive format that works well within each department. Therefore, we opted for a task-based workflow strategy so that you can perform your work activities in a manner
that is right for you and your members.

Medical Examiner & Occupational Health Provider Highlights

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager has been designed from the ground up for medical professionals by medical professionals.
A few of the highlights integrated into the platform are:

  • FMCSA Regulatory Guidance – This exclusive FMCSA eHealth Medical Manager Reporting Platform Includes Scheduling, Follow-up Appointments, Diagnosis and Treatment Plans, Determinations and many other time saving features and benefits, and will guide Medical Examiners thru each step of performing an accurate and thorough DOT CMV Driver physical. It’s 100% compliant with the FMCSA and HIPAA requirements and includes FMCSA Guidance built directly into the app with one click direct DOT Physical reporting to the FMCSA. Includes FMCSA Tutorials and Searchable Index with in-depth medical guidelines and explanations.

  • Medical Director Oversight – This feature gives you a second “expert” opinion on every determination that you submit for review.

  • Medical Health History Preservation – Each time you create a new examination, the history from your examinee’s previous exam is merged into the current exam’s medical history. This ensures that you have comprehensive access to all patient medical history at the time of examination.

  • Advanced Treatment Planning & Management – Through our proprietary Diagnosis & Treatment Builder tool, you can develop comprehensive treatment plans to assure that your examinees health issues are properly addressed.

  • Health Accountability Tracking – Through our treatment plan activity management you can record all activities required to be performed for a given patient case and then receive scheduled notifications when the results of those activities become due.

  • Comprehensive Disease Diagnosis Visibility – Using the medical examination treatment rollup view, you can ensure that you do not miss anything when making your medical determinations.

  • Billing – Each medical examination offers a Visit Statement report that you can print and deliver to your billing department. You can then have confidence that your billing department will have everything necessary to ensure accurate billing based on the work you performed.

  • FMCSA Direct – You can directly submit your medical exams to the FMCSA though the FMCSA Medical Manager.

Streamline Your Practice

Easy-to-use, secure, compliant and engineered to ensure best medical practices.

FMCSA Medical Manager + Medical Director Oversight

The eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager with Medical Director Oversight and Program Compliance Oversight allows you to focus on running your business while ensuring that you have a credentialed expert Medical Director overseeing your FMCSA DOT Commercial Driver program on your behalf.

This program allows you to focus on running your business while ensuring that you have a credentialed senior Medical Director overseeing your Medical Examination Reports and DOT CMV Driver Physicals submissions.

Ready to learn more! Contact Debbie Van Beek at 855-695-0688 Opt. 3 or email and receive your first month free!

What’s Included

  • “FMCSA Direct” Exam Uploading

  • Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Compliant FMCSA Reporting
  • Medical History Onboarding
  • Appointments
  • Engage Medical Network Access
  • Medical Dashboard
  • Auto Examination Population
  • Treatment Planning & Rollup
  • Federal & State Determinations
  • Patient Portal Access
  • Encounters
  • Physician Account Control
  • Location Management
  • Health History Preservation
  • Medical Tracking & Accountability
  • Visit Statement Bill Reporting
  • Examinee Information Access
  • Patient Test Result Notification
  • Medical Staff Management
  • Workflow

Partnering for your Success

NADME has partnered with eHealth Engagement, LLC to bring you the eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager who brings your medical solutions to life based on a core set of guiding principles that our products should be easy-to-use, safe & secure, compliant, engineered for innovation and platform.


eHealth FMCSA Medical Manager Solution