FMCSA’s current regulations require that all MEs be licensed, certified, and/or registered in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations to perform physical qualifications regulations to perform physical examinations. This includes but is not limited to doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, and doctors of chiropractic
and advisory criteria and pass the NRCME certification exam to be listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).

ME’s must be knowledgeable of the specific physical and mental demands associated with operating a CMV and the requirements of Section 391.43(c), including the medical advisory criteria prepared by the FMCSA as guidelines to aid the medical examiner in making the individual determination whether a driver should be issued a medical certificate, and be proficient in following the medical protocols necessary to adequately perform the medical examination.

Beginning May 21, 2014, all MEs who wish to conduct medical examinations for interstate CMV drivers must (1) complete training about FMCSA’s physical qualifications regulations and advisory criteria, and (2) pass the FMCSA certification test to be listed on the National Registry. All medical certificates issued on or after this date must be issued by certified MEs listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.