Welcome to the National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners

Welcome to the National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners (NADME.org), the leading NRCME certification medical examiner training, OSA training and DOT driver health, fitness and fatigue training resource for the transportation industry.

NADME was founded in 2005 by Occupational-Medical physicians and transportation industry experts with the goal of providing the most effective and highest quality training courses. Born from the goal of improving highway safety for commercial truck drivers, NADME is the leading online educational training program for medical examiners on the requirements of the NRCME driver DOT physical, qualification standards and guidelines as well as OSA detection, treatment and certification options.

Today, in order to perform DOT physicals, physicians, PA’s, NP’s and DO’s must be certified. NADME’s online DOT Medical Examiner’s certificate  training completely prepares medical examiners for the NRCME certification examination. With a 99.9{3d01e940a0a4fc0b54f127f5869c3d6b2b15f90b5dffa0fa8ec4b9091f6135cc} pass rate on the NRCME certification exam, you can rest assured that our online certification training programs are designed to help you succeed.

We have become the number one fully-accredited resource for DOT NRCME medical examiner training and education programs. Our medical advisory board provides medical expertise, content, and oversight in the development of all of our courses.  It’s comprised of our Board of Directors and representatives from the medical community with relevant skills, knowledge, and experience in medical disciplines that can affect the physical qualifications and health of truck and motor coach drivers. Visit our website, where you can view our NRCME certification for medical examiners course demo and to register for one of our certification courses.