Yes, MEs also have to comply with the following administrative requirements as of May 21, 2014:

  • Submit Form MCSA-5850 for each driver examined electronically every month via the National Registry website. If no exams were performed during the month, that must also be reported;
  • Retain (1) original completed Medical Examination Reports for all drivers examined and (2) a copy or electronic version of the driver’s medical examiner’s certificate for at least 3 years from the examination date;
  • Submit to periodic audits;
  • Provide FMCSA with medical examination report forms and other documents as requested;
  • Continue to be licensed, registered, or certified in accordance with the applicable State laws and regulations of each State in which you perform examinations with a scope of practice that includes performing physical examinations;
  • Submit any changes in the application information to FMCSA within 30 days of the change;
  • Report to FMCSA any information related to any termination, suspension, or withdrawal of the ME’s license, registration, or certificate under State law; and
  • Maintain documentation of State licensing, registration, or certification and completion of all required training.